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Please Help - Southern Injustice

Please Help

Evil can only triumph when good people choose to do nothing. With a virtual epidemic of injustice now being exposed in the American judicial system, very rarely do we as individuals have the power to truly make a difference.

For over 25 years Michael (“Mike”) Lambrix has consistently protested his innocence – insisting that the entire wholly circumstantial capital case brought against him was deliberately fabricated. Although Mr. Lambrix’s claims consistently fell upon deaf ears and the courts repeatedly denied his appeals – refusing to even once address his specifically raised claim of innocence – and even ordering Mr. Lambrix to be executed, and actually bring Lambrix within hours of his own execution, only in the last ten years has a virtual wealth of evidence been developed that now substantiates Mr. Lambrix’s long pled claims. The collective strength of this evidence cannot be denied – by deliberate intent and design the Florida state attorney’s office conspired and collaborated with their single key witness to wrongfully convict and condemn Lambrix to death.

With all this evidence now developed all that remains is preparing and presenting Lambrix’s collective claims proving his actual innocence to the Florida Supreme Court. But like so many others on death row, Lambrix does not have qualified legal counsel willing to fight for him; to fight for justice. Lambrix has repeatedly attempted to recruit one of the “innocence projects” to take his case, but the innocent projects will only accept cases that as based on DNA evidence. In Lambrix’s case, there were no eyewitnesses, no physical or forensic evidence, and no confessions, etc – so they will not take his case. (Please read, “Does DNA Condemn the Innocent?”)

Unless Lambrix can retain qualified legal representation immediately, he will be involuntarily compelled to represent himself. The courts are extremely hostile towards any prisoner attempting to represent himself, and Lambrix will not receive a full and fair review of his innocence claims.

You can help by donating to a fund established in Lambrix’s behalf. All money raised will be used exclusively for the purpose of promoting Lambrix’s case of innocence and hopefully raise enough to retain qualified legal representation. No amount is too small – even enough small donations will add up. Will you please help to make a difference and save an innocent man from being executed? To donate to this cause please use the included link or mail your check or money order to Lambrix Defense Fund ATTN Lynne “Kimy” Pavelchak, PO Box 5331, Eastlake, OH 44095. Thank You!

If you are a lawyer and would be interested in providing Mr. Lambrix with legal assistance, or you are with the media and would interested in pursuing a story about the information/content on this website, you may write to Mr. Lambrix directly at the below address.

Please note that the Florida prison system prohibits prisoners from soliciting correspondence and/or “pen pals” and this wensite is not intended to solicit any prohibited correspondence. This website is intended to generate support for Mr. Lambrix as a wrongfully convicted and condemned prisoner. Your respect for the Florida Department of Correction’s rules regarding prohibited correspondence is greatly appreciated.

Michael Lambrix 482053
Florida State Prison, G 1203
7819 NW 228th Street
Raiford, FL 32026-1160